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Online Giving Tips

Online Giving Tips

Our Latest WeShare Webinar

Posted by author on 7/06/16

Below is our latest WeShare webinar with online giving, donations, second collections, events like a golf outing, and registrations. 

Online Donations, Second Collections, and Events Made Easy from Keith Alberts on Vimeo.


How to Make Second Collections Easier

Posted by author on 6/17/16

Sometimes it’s the Diocese. Sometimes it's a mission parish that you support in another country. Sometimes it's a local ministry. Whatever those happen to be, Catholic churches have a variety of second collections where the basket comes around again. As a parishioner, I would need to write two ... Read More »

The 4 Don'ts of Online Giving

Posted by author on 5/13/16

I have visited many church websites, and read many church bulletins. There are many Catholic churches that do online giving very well. Other churches who do online giving could see a big jump in giving with a few quick tweaks. With that, here are the 4 don'ts of online ... Read More »

Online Giving is Guaranteed to Save You Time

Posted by author on 4/18/16

In our lifetime, we have a limited amount of time. There is an ever increasing number of products, videos, and advice that promise to save you time if you use this product or do a task differently. Some work great and some probably don’t work so well. How ... Read More »

A Successful Online Giving Push

Posted by author on 3/18/16


Often when a parish is launching an online giving tool, parish staff make it too difficult for parishioners to enroll. Staff will often put flyers in the bulletin for a week, put a link on the website, and it’s onto the next project. But to successfully launch an ... Read More »

Centralize Events and Programs with Online Giving

Posted by author on 3/02/16

All Catholic churches have events and programs. Vacation Bible School, the Lenten Fish Fry, Faith Formation Registration, and on and on and on. And on. As many events, programs, and dinners that churches have, there are an equal number of ways to accept the registrations and payments. What ... Read More »

Is Your Online Giving Locking Parishioners Out?

Posted by author on 2/15/16

I needed a gift for my wife and I really wasn’t sure what I was going to get for her. I decided to take an evening and go shopping since I thought seeing what was on the shelves would help me. I arrived at a small shop and ... Read More »

Happy Birthday WeShare!

Posted by author on 1/13/16

WeShare online giving is celebrating its 5th birthday this month. Since 2011, Liturgical Publications has been improving our online giving program to keep up with mobile trends while keeping WeShare user friendly for parishioners and church administrators. We have learned a lot in what feels like a month ... Read More »

Year End Donations

Posted by author on 12/22/15

I get really busy this time of the year. I also feel more generous, like buying gifts for a child we don't know from the giving tree at church or dropping a few bucks in the red Salvation Army kettles. Anyone else feel the same way?

In fact, ... Read More »

A Simple Way To Use Giving Tuesday at Your Catholic Church

Posted by author on 12/01/15

Today is Giving Tuesday. You usually will see this as #GivingTuesday because it is traditionally spread through social media. Traditionally? It's only in its 4th year. 

Use today to tell your parishioners about one way to give back this year. Whether it's a need that your Catholic church has or ... Read More »


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