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What People Are Saying About Our Seminars

Seminar Attendees in Louisville, KY

Hear what other attendees are saying about the seminar

"Engaging and informative. Not only packed with ideas, they can back them up with their services. The seminar makes us take an honest look at ourselves as Church. It offered concrete solutions on how to inform, engage, and evangelize in our mobile culture." Deacon David from MA

"I found the workshop to chock full of practical ideas for kick-starting any parish into becoming a vibrant, attractive community that people will flock to. I'm sorry every parish missed the chance to learn these best practices. LPi has developed a terrific concept of stewardship that goes deeper into raising spirits than raising dollars. I'd recommend that every parish attend this."  Brad from IL

"No matter what size parish, each one needs to look at all the newest ways to communicate, inspire, and evangelize that is appropriate for them. This seminar helped to open my eyes to the many possibilities in both print and online. Thank you for showing us some quick, easy, and affordable ways to reach our parishioners on a weekly, monthly, and yearly rotation." Stacy from MN

"Thanks for a great workshop! I left with great ideas and I plan to implement some of these ideas." Sheila from IL

“Very well presented, excellent information on how to promote to the new generations.” 

“The presenter shared a lot of really good information. He genuinely seemed to be interested in growth of our churches.”

“Very informative for us here at St. Joseph, gave me some ideas for our website and keeping it fresh.”

“My colleague and I came away enthused and looking forward to implementing things we learned here to engage current and new parishioners to be more fully active in their faith. Thank you for hosting this seminar.”

“The seminar was very informative. We took away some very important tools with us. Thank you for providing the tools to engage our parishioners, enrich their faith walk, and to reach out and evangelize those outside of our walls. God bless!”

"I was very impressed with the seminar and it gave me some ideas on how to further utilize the tools we already have at St. Alphonsus to further our mission."

“Thank you for putting the seminar together. It was both helpful and well executed.”

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